The Farmarc 180 – Model 10-600 A.C. Arc Welder

Here’s a spartan A.C. welder, the Farmarc 180 model 10-600. From the label, it’s made by Miles Products, although a search of that name doesn’t turn up the original company. Not sure if it went out of business, or was bought out and absorbed by another company. It really doesn’t look too old, maybe 70’s-80’s. The pictures aren’t clear enough, or my eyes aren’t good enough, to pick out any indication of a manufacturing date.

It’s a pretty generic, no-frills looking A.C. only welder that uses transformer taps to change the output range. From the labels it looks like the stats are as follows:

Primary voltage – 230 volts
Primary amperage – 32
60 hz
single phase
Secondary Open Circuit Voltage – 50 volts
Secondary Load Voltage – 25 volts
Output range – 20-180 amps
20% duty cycle

As always, additional information and comments are welcome.

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2 Responses to The Farmarc 180 – Model 10-600 A.C. Arc Welder

  1. Bill Ward says:

    Just ran across this question about the Miles Welder. I own a 295 amp version, bought it from Spiegel catalog in 1966, been using it every since on a daily basis.

  2. Lester Scheffler says:

    With regard to the Farmarc welder, I believe these were sold by Tractor Supply Company probably during the 50’s and 60’s.

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