Battery operated MIG gun from Ready Welder

Ready Welder RWII Model #10000ADP-CS Battery Operated MIG Gun

One of the coolest tools I’ve seen in awhile, the RWII Model #10000ADP-CS battery operated MIG gun from Ready Welder. At first glance it looks like a typical auxiliary spool gun, but it’s much more than that. It’s a battery powered MIG gun that can be used with batteries as the power supply. If that’s not cool enough, there’s a built in ac to dc converter that lets you use this MIG gun with either constant current or constant voltage welding machines. So, you can use this with your regular MIG welder as an auxilliary spool gun, and if you’ve got an engine driven or electrically powered CC welder, you can use this to provide MIG welding capabilities. And you don’t need to buy an extra controller box like a lot of spool guns. How great is that?

It’s hard to imagine someone that wouldn’t benefit from this. If you’re working out in the field and don’t have access to a normal welder, you can hook this up to some batteries and still make decent welds. An excellent piece of equipment for any off roading four wheeler, farmer, logger, or anyone that’s away from the shop.

The best thing about this spool gun is the price. $559.00 with no tax and free shipping. If you’re on the fence about what type of welder to get, Go with a Constant Current (CC) welder, and get this spool gun. That way you’ll be able to MIG, TIG, and STICK weld all with the same machine. You really can’t go wrong with this setup.

Details and product information:

Comes with Ready Welder II Case which includes:
# RWII High-Impact MIG gun
# Ten feet of cable
# One spool of flux core wire
# 300 amp ground clamp
# Two battery clamps
# Extra tips and gas hose fitting
# Ten extra feet of gas hose
# Foam lined blow-molded tough briefcase
# AC/DC power supply to drive gun controls when connected to a CC power source




* AC to DC power converter
* Cold Switch assembly
* Connects to batteries:
* 18 Volt battery can do thin sheet metal
* 24 Volt will single pass 1/2″ @ 275 amp
* 36 Volt will weld up to 3/4″ @ 350 to 400 amp
* Connects to MIG/Constant voltage output welders
* Welds steel, stainless steel and aluminum or any metals where standard one or two pound spools are available
* Uses wire sizes from .023 to .045 without changing rollers
* Wire speeds of 50 Inches to 900 Inches per minute
* Uses heavy-duty TWECO quality front end consumables
* Polarity indicator lights
* Built-in gas valve
* Ground cable attached
* Ten foot cable with Quick Disconnects
* Dimensions: 18″ H X 24″ W X 8″ D
* Net Weight: 24 lbs


* Two year 100% parts and labor limited factory warranty

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