Lincoln Ranger GXT 250 Model# K2382-2

- Lincoln Electric Ranger GXT 250 Amp Generator/Welder - 125 Volt, 250 Amp, Model# K2382-2

If you’re looking for one of the best, the Lincoln Electric Ranger GXT ( Model# K2382-2) may be the right choice for you. It is especially suited for maintenance and construction jobs. With a whopping 250 amps of AC/CD welding output, this welder has enough power to tackle any of your stick or wire welding needs. Add to that its remote amperage control capability and an optional TIG module, and you’ll be tooled up for almost anything, including the always demanding AC TIG welding of aluminum.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Lincoln Ranger GXT 250 is an extremely powerful generator that’s capable of supplying 11000 watts peak/10000 watts continuous AC power! More than enough to handle most typical jobsite needs including lighting, grinders, power tools, and even high current applications such as a plasma cutter or an inverter welder! That’s right, you can even run a plasma cutter or another welder off of this machine.

One of the great features of this welder is that you get an extremely quiet welding machine. This is possible because of Lincoln’s well engineered, enclosed case. Not only does this dampen the sound, it provides almost bulletproof protection from the elements, and normal day to day wear and tear. Protection and quiet operation. What more could you want from a case?

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll get the famous Lincoln 3 year limited warranty. If you’re like most of us and work your machine, you’ll understand just how valuable this warranty is. In many situations, a typical welding machine may not even last 3 years with constant use.

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Features and Specifications

• Rated 250 amps/25 volts AC, DC and CV. at 100% duty cycle
• Smooth AC/DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrodes, such as Lincoln® Excalibur® 7018 MR (AWS E7018) and Fleetweld® 5P+ (AWS E6010). Also capable of MIG, flux-cored, and TIG welding.
• 6-pin connector and local/remote switch for remote control operation. Also for AC/DC TIG Module use with foot or hand Amptrol®.


• 11,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
– Most peak power in its class.
– Use peak power for motor starting.
• 10,000 Watts Continuous Single-Phase AC Generator Power
– Most continuous power in its class.
– For high power uses like a back-up generator, a plasma cutter or even an inverter welder.
– For most jobsite needs like lighting, grinders, powertools among others


• Engine doors provide protection and easy service access.
• Low noise at 76.4 dBA at 23 ft./7 m (100.7 dB Lwa).
• Rugged Reliability — Rangers have been subjected to an extensive testing program to ensure reliable operation in a wide variety of environmental conditions.
• Three-year Lincoln warranty on welder (engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer).

Physical Specifications

• Weight:602 lbs. (273 kgs. )
• Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 36.2 x 21.5 x 42.3
• Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 920 x 546 x 1073
• Receptacles (qty.): Two 120 Volt, 40 Amp and One 120/240 Volt
• Engine: Kohler OHV Command, HP: 23, Start Type: Electric, Auto-Idle: Idler function

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