Lincoln Electric Invertec V160-T Welder K1845-1

Lincoln Electric Invertec V160-T TIG Welder K1845-1

The Lincoln Electric Invertec V160-T (k1845-1) welder is a great entry level 160 amp DC Inverter TIG Welder and SMAW (stick) welder that can compete with welders that cost much more. Unlike a lot of inverter TIG welders, this one is fully functional and comes equipped with some nice features typically found only on higher end machines.

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The first of these is high frequency arc starting. While some welding operations don’t need this, certain ones do. You’ll notice that this comes in especially handy when welding certain metals and difficult positions. Or when making welds where appearance is critical.

It also has a built in pulse welding circuit. If you’re welding thin materials, this is a must have feature. With this, you’ll be able to greatly reduce warpage and burn through. This is one of those features that once you try it, you’ll never want to weld without it again.

Because it’s geared towards TIG welding, it’s got a built in gas control circuit that includes a shut off solenoid and post flow gas control. It’s just a matter of turning a dial to easily adjust your postflow gas settings.

Designed to operate with either 115 or 230 volt power, this welder has an auto-sensing feature that will automatically determine which voltage you’ve connected to. No more expensive repairs due to operator error.

All in all, this is a great welder for those looking for a low cost portable DC TIG welder with features normally only seen on expensive models. And if you’re wondering about options, there are plenty. Welding carts, TIG torches, foot controller, hand controller, finger controller, and even a water cooler. And with Lincoln’s 3 year warranty, you won’t have anything to worry about

Base Unit Includes:

• 115V Input cord (10 ft.) and plug (NEMA 5-15P)
• 20 Amp Plug (NEMA 5-20P)
• Twist-Mate™ Torch Adapter for PTA-9 or -17 one-piece torch
• Fully adjustable shoulder strap
• Work clamp and cable


Input Voltage Rated Output Input  Current Output Range
20A Branch Circuit
60A/22.4V/100% Stick
20 Amp 5-160 Amps DC
Max OCV: 48V
30A Branch Circuit
80A/23.2V/100% Stick
25 Amp
30A Branch Circuit
130A/25.2V/100% Stick
25 Amp

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3 Responses to Lincoln Electric Invertec V160-T Welder K1845-1

  1. Jim Pollard says:

    I have a invertec V-160 that will weld for about 30 seconds and then cut off.

  2. Digno says:

    I have welder invertec 160-s need pc board price. Especially the one with the diode bank. l your information will be great appreciated.

  3. Digno says:

    I have welder invertec 160-s need pc board price. Especially the one with the diode bank. lyour information will be great appreciated.

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