Workplace Safety and the Right to Refuse Work

After years of working in construction, and being subjected to safety hazards on a daily basis, i’ve just been schooled on how i should refuse work that’s unsafe. I have to laugh everytime i see this video, it cracks me up. It seems that all my life I’ve been doing it the wrong way! I don’t feel too bad about it though, everyone I’ve ever worked with has been doing it the wrong way too.

All kidding aside, i do think that it’s an important point. You have the right to refuse work that is unsafe. And i know, they’ll run you off a lot of jobs for refusing to do work that you think is unsafe, even though it’s against osha rules to do so. Those jobs are the ones that you probably don’t need to be on anyway. Just remember that there is usually another job that’s just a phone call away. You’ve only got one functioning body, and one life; don’t waste it on a shitty job.

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