The Miller AEAD 200LE

Miller AEAD 200LE welder generator

Recently I ran across this absolutely perfect example of a Miller AEAD 200LE welder that’s for sale. I emailed the gentleman that owns it and asked if i could use these pictures and he graciously allowed me. So if you’re interested in buying this welder it’s still available and it’s in the Philadelphia area. It’s listed on craigslist and in the welding classifieds section of the forum here. This welder has been safely nestled in storage for over 20 years, and has a grand total of 7 hours on the hour meter! If there were ever a welding museum, this welder should be in it.

As far as I’m aware, this specific welder is the fourth iteration of Miller’s AE series. This model first appeared in early 1970 I think. The operators manual says 5/70, but there may have been an earlier version that I’m not aware of. This was followed by many changes over the years. It seems that this welder further evolved into the Miller Legend AEAD-200 in the late 1980’s, and then eventually ended up as the basis for the bobcat series, although I’m not completely sure of that. The legend looks very similar to the bobcat, so it’s an assumption on my part. I’m by no means an expert on these, I only know what I’ve been able to dig up from the manuals. If you know of any errors, omissions, or discrepancies please let me know.

The first of these models was the AEAD 200. AE is the base model designation and AD looks appears to signify that it’s an ac/dc welder with a 200 amp DC output and a 225 amp AC output. Along with these designations, the welder was available with manual (L) or electric (E) start. It was also available as just a welder or welder-generator. and with 50hz or 60hz AC power output if it was a welder generator. The naming convention is as follows:

AEAD 200 = AC/DC welder with manual start
AEAD 200E = AC/DC welder with electric start
AEAD 200L = AC/DC welder generator with manual start
AEAD 200LE = AC/DC welder generator with electric start

Starting in 1977 it looks like it was also available as a straight AC welder generator. The model numbers were the same as above except that they lost the D designator – AEA 200, AEA 200L, AEA 200 E, AEA 200LE.

The pictures are of a welder that was manufactured sometime after june of 1983, but when using the serial number lookup to get the operators manual, it implies that it’s a 1985 model. This particular welder has an AC power output of 42/21 amps @ 120/240 volts.

The engine used in this welder in an Onan B48M-Gao18 which is an 18 horsepower twin. Click here for the parts manual.

Once again, I’d like to thank the owner for the use of his pictures. It’s certainly a beautiful example of the AEAD 200LE.

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21 Responses to The Miller AEAD 200LE

  1. Scott says:




  4. mike modrak says:

    I am looking for an owners manual for a model aead 200 lf Miller generator / welder. Can someone help. Thanks

  5. Darrell Fish says:

    are parts still available for a Miller AEAD-200LE

  6. Darrell Fish says:

    what is the value of a miller AEAD-200LE with 54 hours on it

  7. rodger says:

    I own one its older than that beauty looking at the engine having oil filter hehe think mine might be 1st generation of the le
    ive used a bobcat and hobart champion my le kicks there butts every time . Its a pleasure everytime i use it . My brother got it oh 15yrs ago then he needed a mig welder and i needed a generator/welder so traded my millermatic 250 for his le
    Miller has never disapointed me

  8. K.F.L. enterprises says:

    I need to find parts to fix the automatic idle on my Miller aead 200 le welder can you help me find a source of parts? thank you KFL

  9. Richard says:

    I am also looking for extra parts. carbuerator, points, coil, brushes, bearings, fuel pump, Thanks

  10. Richard says:

    i need a manual for a AEAD200LE in Hawaii Richard Thanks

  11. brad walters says:

    i own a milleraead 200le but it will not hold a magnietic charge how can i repair this

  12. Kenny Rogers says:

    Will a Millermatic weld control WC-3 matchup with the Miller aead200le portable generator/welder unit? Looking to use it for some aluminim welding?

  13. Van says:

    I just bought from a older gentleman I bidded against at a sale , the starter got hung up after the ring man just touched the starter fixed it and paid the gentleman he loaded it with front loader in back of truck . What will it run on the generator? The serial number is jh169433

  14. don says:

    I have a Miller AEAD200LE been under cover for years. condition unknown worked when covered. Any idea of value and best way to sell it??? Thanks

  15. Tim says:

    I have one of these that is used on a daily basis and has been since I have had it for 20 years and I purchased it from a fellow that ran a machine shop. Still welds better than newer welders I have used

  16. chuck says:

    I have one just like this but it dont have the hour meter on it

  17. Herbie says:

    I have one of these AEAD 200 LE welding machines. I bought it from a fellow who had bought it use as his daily welding machine. He got injured and the welder sat idle covered up in his garage for about 15 years, when i got it, it only had about 20 hours on it. I have used it for 40 hours straight when hurricane Katrina hit as a generator and it worked perfect. I have used it on the job a couple of times and it works perfectly.

  18. admin says:

    Yeah, it’s beautiful. It would be hard for me to drag it to a job too! Nice machine though, no doubt about it.

  19. Gregg says:

    That’s an original wall hanger! Out of respect of the fact that it’s an antique/collector, I couldn’t bring myself to use it in a daily working enviroment. She’s a bute, that’s for sure.

  20. admin says:

    I haven’t used that particular model, but overall, my experiences have been pretty much the same with millers engine driven welders.

  21. bluelight says:

    I have used the same welder in the shop some time now,she is smooth running. vertical up and over head is a dream/dce7018. bluelight

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