Lincoln DC 180 AS Welder with Wisconsin TF

This looks to be a Lincoln DC 180 AS model welder. I say looks to be because as far as finding any exact information about it, I’ve had little luck so far. On the Lincoln website, I couldn’t find an exact operators manual for a welder with a Wisconsin TF engine. The operators manual that I did find (HERE) was for the Lincwelder DC-180-AS model with a Wisconsin THD model engine. Both listings with a wisconsin TF engine on their site point to that operators manual, so I’m going to assume that it’s the only one they have for any engine driven DC-180 welder.

So with that said, don’t count on that owners manual being 100% correct for your particular welder if you’ve got one with a Wisconsin TF engine. They look quite similar, except for differences in the faceplate, power outlet arrangements, and lead connections, but their may be some subtle differences. Another noticeable difference is the mounts on the generator end. The welder in the manual has a single mounting point versus the two mounts found on the one in the pictures.

Luckily, there’s a good tag on the Wisconsin TF engine that helps to pinpoint the manufacturing date. From the serial number on the engine, it appears that the date of manufacture was in march of 1955. These engines were made from 1946-1957, at which point they were phased out and replaced by the Wisconsin THD model. If you’re looking for a chart to find the date of manufacture of your Wisconsin engine based on the serial number, here’s a great site with tons of information on Wisconsin engines – Un-Official Wisconsin Engine Collector Site. You can also find a parts manual for the Wisconsin TE and TF engines here

As you can also see from the tag on the engine, the TF engine had a 3 1/4″ bore and 3 1/4″ stroke. It produced a whopping 14.6 horsepower @ 2600 r.p.m. – plenty of power for a 180 amp rated welder. This was a pretty popular engine in it’s day, and was used in a variety of applications. It was also used by some other welding manufacturers. Hobart apparently used this engine to power one of their welders. In fact, there’s a member of our forums called metalworker that’s done a beautiful job of restoring one of these TF powered Hobart welders. You can see a video of his welder in operation here. They were a nice, strong sounding engine!

Like the Hobart in the video, the one in the pictures above is also a hand crank start engine, you can see the crank mounted on the side. The newer THD powered models came with electric start, and had the ugly, requisite battery box mounted on the side. All in all, a great antique welder that was powered by an equally great engine. Sadly, there don’t seem to be too many of them around anymore.

Thanks to whoever sent me those pictures, unfortunately i’ve lost your email. If you’d like me to attribute this to you, shoot me an email. And as always, if you’ve ever used one of these welders and would like to add something about it, or know of any glaring errors i’ve made, please let me know by submitting a comment!

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12 Responses to Lincoln DC 180 AS Welder with Wisconsin TF

  1. airtoad says:

    I have one of these welders. It is an A.C. machine not D.C. I converted mine to D.C. by making a full wave rectifier out of 4 bog diodes. My welder had a starter ring on the flywheel but no starter. I rigged a starter from junk yard parts I think it might have been a Subaru starter. It works well. I am a certified weldor

  2. Neo Welder says:

    I just bought one of these of a guy who dug the trench
    with a machine for the new water line i feel like i robbed him i only paid $50 dollars for it

  3. tommy jochetz says:

    I recently acquired an old welder in La., appears to look simular to the pics of the old lincoln 180 welder with the wisconsin engine probably a TF, the one I have is missing decals, info on welder panel and engine information plate. The engine is missing parts of the air filter and all of the exhaust. If anyone has parts or would like to sell a similar machine contact me at , I plan on restoring this machine. Thank You, Tommy

  4. Reynier says:

    Hello there, I recently bought a Weldanpower 225, and I am wondering if anyone could give me some advices of were to find the manuals for both the engine and the Generator. I am very happy mine looks in great conditions as per what I have seen in my research, since this seems to be made in 1965, Wao I am impresssed this is still running in such a great conditions. I have not try the welder but the engine and generator they boths work great. Anyone with info pls. Tks

  5. Ivan Towriss says:

    I found a DC180AS engine driven arc welder at an auction sale It has A Wisconsin TF engine driving it. I would really like to find an operator’s manual for it. The serial number is A357088 and the code number is 3127. Would anyone know where to get a manual or have any information for me? I have a book on the engine-I just need to know more about the welder. Hopefilly someone has a reply for me, Thank you-Ivan

  6. Tony says:

    After searching all over I finally found a site that shows a similar welder to mine. I have a Lincoln 200 Welder with a TF Engine. Like a previous poster, this was my Grandfathers which he just gave to me. I dated the engine to late August 1955. I need to clean out the gas tank (plate inside has broken loose too), fix the fuel pump and basically go through the whole thing. It has a gravity fed tank hooked up to the homemade cart its bolted to so its gravity fed, but I want to make it original. I’ll have to get some pictures & video when I get it cleaned up some more. I need to find a PDF Service Manual for the TF so I can adjust the valves. Glad I could find a sister welder out there!

  7. hank m. says:

    if your looking to buy one i do have one im willing to part with

  8. Bill Hobson says:

    Looking for a Wisconsin THD 2 cycle engine with electric start – any suggestions? Thanks

  9. Matt Luke says:

    My wife is executor for here Uncle’s Will. He has one of these welders and has the crank start. Any ideas on the value of this unit? Appreciate any input. Thanks Matt

  10. admin says:

    Hey, thanks for the compliments, and I’d be happy to provide feedback. If you’d like, you can post all the pictures you want in the forum. I’ll be anxiously awaiting them. 😀

  11. John says:

    Very cool pictures,I have a Lincoln DC 180 AS welder with a Wisconsin TF from 1952.Got it from my grandfather who used it for his logging and ranch repair.I had to rebuild the carb,fuel pump,strainer,and clean out tank.Starts right up and seems to weld ok.I have a manual for the TF motor but no manual for the welder.Looks like I might need to find a part where the brushes attach.At some point I will take some pictures.Feedback would be great.

  12. james says:

    i have a linclon just like this with a wisconsin thd motor . i have the manual for just the motor and i am almost positive the tf motor is in the same book i thnk there very similar motors with the same parts

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