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New and Used Lincoln MIG welders for sale, including the Pro MIG, Power MIG, Weld Pak, LN series, SP series, and many more.

The first entrant, the SP series , comes in two models – The 120 volt SP-140T (product # K2688-1) model and the 208/230 volt SP-180T (product # K2689-1) model. These are excellent for use at home, on the farm, or in the shop. The only drawback to these machines is that they’re tapped machines. They do not have a continuous power range adjustment like the Power Mig models do. Depending on your intended usage, this may not be an issue, but if you will be welding various thicknesses and materials, the continuous adjustment comes in handy.

For continuous adjustment in comparable output range, you’ll need to look to the the 120 volt Power-Mig 140c (product # K2471-1) and the 208/230 volt Power Mig 180c (product # K2473-1). These welders have a continuously adjustable power output which allows you to easily fine tune the power output to match your specific metal and thickness.

The Power Mig model 215XT (product # K2700-1), the Power Mig 255XT (product # K2701-1, K2701-2, and K2702-1) are the workhorses of the Power Mig lineup. These welders are geared towards the professional fabrication shop. They feature higher power outputs, the ability to run larger wire sizes, and excellent all around welding characteristics.

The final entrant in the Power Mig lineup is the Power Mig 350MP, (product # K2403-1. K2451-2). This is a unique Mig welder in that it’s a multipurpose welder that’s capable of stick and tig welding too. It’s also got power mode, and pulse on pulse mode, which helps to produce mig welds that look like tig welds. One nice thing about this welder is that it’s upgradeable. You can download and update welding processes and waveforms ensuring that it won’t become obsolete any time soon.

Last up are the CV series power supplies. The CV-305 (product # K2400-1,K2400-2, and K2395-1), CV-400 (product # K1346-13, K1346-22, and K2439-1) and CV-655 (product # K1480-1, and K1480-5). These heavy duty welders are used in industrial construction, fabrication, and repair shops, and are designed for with the professional fabricator in mind.

Lincoln Power 215XT K2326-1 MIG Welder

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