Hobart Simplified Arc Welder

Hobart Simpliefied Arc Welder and Brochure Advertisement

Hobart Simpliefied Arc Welder and Brochure Advertisement

A pretty interesting older welder, this is a Hobart Simplified Arc Welder. It’s a welding machine, that’s powered by an electric motor. I’ve seen something similar that i believe were called torpedo welders. Although the one i saw was a Lincoln model if I recall correctly.

From what I was told, by an older gentleman who was much more familiar with them than I was, they were basically the same as their engine driven counterparts except that they used an electric motor to spin the generator instead of a gas or diesel engine. Allegedly, this was done due to the shortage of gas or diesel engines during the war. I suspect that this portion may be a bit of folklore though.

Regardless of the reason, I’d guess that this would be a very good welder. You’d get the smoothness of those great generators driven by the consistency and power of an electric motor.

I can’t read the tag on the picture, but I’m pretty sure it’s a 3 phase motor that’s used to power it. Since the gas engine powered counterpart was a 200 amp welder, I’m going to assume that this is the same. If anyone knows anything about this welder, or has some better pictures, feel free to send them in!

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11 Responses to Hobart Simplified Arc Welder

  1. Areeb says:

    Hey Guys,, Hobart Brother Product

    anybody knows and help we required DIAGRAM of EXCITER CONENCTION HOBART WELDER

    Model DW 23970


  2. Jenn says:

    i have came across a hobart simplified arc welder and was wanting to know more about it serial number is AW163T…..anyone know anything???

  3. Danny says:

    I have one of these that I dont know what to do with since my garage is not 3 phase. Its a 3 phase 20 hp motor. It is rated at 300 amps. Yes, 300. Any ideas on what i can do with it? i dont like scrapping cool old stuff

  4. martin fleming says:

    I’ve got one of these, too. Mine is powered by a 4 cylinder Wiscinsin air-cooled engine. Welds greats. WIsh I could find a schematic of the welder/generator, though…anybody have any ideas about how to find one?

  5. darryl says:

    you are right fellas, I recently found a “simplified” arc welder..and it welds smooth as silk..Anyone ever seen one powered with a straight eight chrysler with dual 400 amp output?? that is what this one has, and further it has a big throw switch that apparently doubles or couples the feilds…anybody ever heard of this??

  6. admin says:

    Yeah, i’ve heard nothing but good things about those old welders. The general consensus is that they’re smooth as silk. But i think that’s pretty typical of most any motor or engine driven generator/welder. That’s definitely a large electric motor your using on that. Assuming the windings would hold up, i’d suspect 200 amps may be on the low end!

  7. John says:

    Have been using one of these for the past 10 years.
    Mine is 400 Amps, Driven by 25 HP 3 Phase Motor.
    The fan is the loudest, it really moves the air.
    I think you can pull 200+ amps out of this thing
    all day long, with no problem.
    Quite a step up from a buzz box syle welder.
    Very smooth and very hot, set to about 30% less amps
    than buzz box.
    About a year ago, I got an almost new, Miller Aerowave.
    I don’t have room for both of them, so the Hobart just
    sits in storage. ;o(

  8. admin says:

    Sorry, but I don’t have one to sell. If you’d like, you can register and post a request for one on the forum. There is a board set up for people looking for specific welding equipment.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Alfred M. Hernandez says:

    Would you like to sell the Hobart simplified welder?

  10. admin says:

    It’s funny, after i posted that i started noticing more of these welders for sale. I assume that since they’re still around and being sold that in a roundabout way it’s testament to their quality. I’d love to see some pictures if you get them, and i’d also like to hear your thoughts on how it welds if you get a chance to use it. Good luck!

  11. Mike says:

    I actually have one of these welders I believe. It was left in my house when I bought it. I was going to sell it but maybe I should not now that I am looking into it more. I will try and get more pictures of it.

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