An Excellent Video of a 1958 Lincoln SA 200

Here’s an neat video of a 1958 Lincoln SA 200 pipeliner. The thing really purrs at idle, a testament to those old continental engines. I think that had the continental f162. You’ll notice that faceplate is quite a bit different than the newer models, and it’s less cluttered. The gauges are mounted lower on the sides, not up top.

It’s cool that he puts the voltmeter on it while it’s idling. It looks like it’s showing around 82 – 83 open circuit volts, although i can’t see it really well. Any way you look at it, it’s a high open circuit voltage that’s indicative of engine driven constant current drooper welders. They don’t talk about stacking dimes for nothing.

It even looks like the sheetmetal is in excellent shape. That welder is definitely a keeper.

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