Amazing Pay for Welders in Saudi Arabia

For some perspective on pay for welding jobs, we only need to look to India. Check out this craigslist posting from Bangalore. They’re looking for welders to work in Saudi Arabia for a 2 year contract.

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Date: 2008-06-18, 1:42AM IST

Hey, we are looking for qc welders to work in companies in Saudi Arabia, these are the conditions:
1- 2 years contract.
2- daily wok 10 hours or more overtime (1 by 1.5).
3- must have an Inspector QC Welder certificate.

What we offer:
1- Salery of 5000 Riyals in the first year.
2- Salery of 6000 Riyals in the second year.

Other things to know:
When you arrive to Saudi Arabia we will provide you a place to stay in including meals, and we will pay for your medical examination plus getting you the necessary papers to work legaly in Saudi Arabia, however, your salery in the first month will be 2000 Riyals, after that, its as it says in the contract.

If you are interested, please send me your resume and certificates with your phone number to my email, or if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask, I will call you personally if you are qualified.

Murad Alahmad,
Saudi Arabia


At the current exchange rate, 1 Saudi riyal = 0.26703 U.S. dollars. So for the first year you’ll make $1335.15. Don’t worry though, you’ll get a raise in the second year of your contract and will be making $1602.18. Don’t forget you’re getting room and board too! If you save your money, at the end of your 2 year contract you may be able to fill up your truck and buy some groceries. Hopefully you don’t have any other payments. Better hurry, I’ve got a feeling these jobs will probably fill up quickly.

Now check out some welding jobs in the United States.

On this fourth of July, we should be thankful and consider ourselves lucky.

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