Hobart Plasma Cutters

The Airforce Line of Hobart Plasma Cutters are an easy to use solution if you’re looking for a plasma cutter. They come in three different models; the Airforce 250ci, Airforce 400, Airforce 625.

The Airforce 250ci is the smallest of the line with a cut rating of 1/8 inch in mild steel, and 1/4 inch sever capability. One of the great things about this model is that it comes with a built in air compressor. This means that there’s no need to have an expensive and bulky auxiliary compressor to supply air. This unit is geared towards the sheetmetal worker, autobody worker, home shop, and light fabrication market. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a pilot arc. This means that you have to re-squeeze the trigger any time you move away from the metal. This may not normally be an issue, but if you’re cutting floor grates, or expanded metal for instance, you’ll really notice it.

Next up is the Airforce 400. This is their mid-level unit that has a cut capability of 3/8 inch, and a 5/8 inch sever capability in mild steel. It has a pilot arc, and it requires a connection to a compressed air source. It’s geared towards fab shops and industrial maintenance.

Finally, the Airforce 625 is the largest of the plasma cutters that’s available from Hobart. It has a 1/2 inch cut capability, and a 7/8 inch sever capability in mild steel. Like the 400 model, it has a pilot arc, and is geared towards heavy usage – industrial construction, heavy fabrication, heavy maintenance, and repair. This model also requires an external air supply.

As always, keep in mind that the cut capabilities are for MILD STEEL. You’ll need to reduce it for stainless steel.

Hobart Airforce 250ci
Cut Capacity in mild steel – 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch sever
Input    = 20 amps @ 120 volts
Output  = 12 amps @ 35% duty cycle

Hobart Airforce 400
Cut Capacity in mild steel – 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch sever
Input    = 28 amps @ 115 volts, 14 amps @ 230 volts
Output  = 27 amps @ 35% duty cycle

Hobart Airforce 625
Cut Capacity in mild steel – 1/2 inch, 7/8 inch sever
Input    = 33 amps @ 208 volts, 30 amps @ 230 volts
Output  = 40 amps @ 50% duty cycle

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