Hobart Brothers Company was formed in 1917 by C.C. Hobart, his wife Lou Ella, and their three sons Charles, Edward, and William. In 1925 that they introduced their first welding machine. A few years later in 1930 they established a welding training school which is still operating to this day; the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.

They began to diversify into the consumable market and in the ’40s started to produce a variety of different welding electrodes. Increasing their reach into the consumable market, they started to manufacture solid wire in 1956 and in 1962 began to produce a flux-cored wire. All the while producing and refining their welding machines.

In 1996 Hobart was sold to ITW. Up until that time they’d still been family owned. Interestingly, ITW is also the parent company of Miller Electric. Today they produce a wide variety of high quality electrodes, filler metals, and welding machines.

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