Esab TIG Welders

Esab coined the term HeliArc, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they make some of the best tig welding equipment available today. Some of the features available on their dedicated tig units include lift-arc, high frequency arc stabilization, square wave a.c. welding output, adjustable pre-flow and post-flow gas control, and wave balance control for adjusting and fine tuning the arc force.

Their dedicated tig equipment includes the caddytig, and heliarc machines. You can also use any of their other CC (constant current) welding machines to tig weld. Although you may not get all the bells and whistles that make a true dedicated unit so useful. These include the multimaster, caddyarc, pipemaster, and miniarc models to name a few. Just remember that their general purpose CC welding machines may not have high frequency controls, lift arc features, or ac welding options. If you’re planning on tig welding aluminum or magnesium for instance, you’ll need a dedicated tig welding machine.

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