Esab MIG welders

Esab mig and multiprocess mig capable welding machines, including the multimaster, migmaster, multipower, aristo, and digipulse models.

Since Mig welding is a constant voltage welding process, it’s usually done with a dedicated mig welder that produces a constant voltage output. Esab produces both constant voltage welders, and multiprocess welding machines. These multiprocess machines are capable of producing both constant current and constant voltage welding output – CC/CV. This means that you’ll not only be able to mig weld with them, you’ll be able to arc (stick) weld and tig weld with them too.

The Migmaster welders from Esab are designed to be used for anything from a home shop user to a light industrial fabricator. The Migmaster models are single phase welders that are capable of light to medium duty fabrication use.

Migmaster 173
Input     = 28 amps @ 208/230 volts

Output   =
170 amps@ 20% duty cycle
139 amps@ 30% duty cycle
98 amps @ 60% duty cycle

Migmaster 203
Input     = 41/37 amps @ 208/230 volts

Output   =
200 amps@ 20% duty cycle
163 amps@ 30% duty cycle
115 amps @ 60% duty cycle

Migmaster 253
Input     = 53/48 amps @ 208/230 volts

Output   =
250 amps@ 20% duty cycle
200 amps@ 30% duty cycle
140 amps @ 60% duty cycle

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