Welder Owner’s Manuals

Recently while looking through the log files, I’ve noticed that a lot of you are arriving here looking for owner’s manuals. While I don’t host any of them here directly, I’ve got links to all the major manufacturers on the side. Even though they’re listed there, I’m not sure if someone coming in from a search engine would notice it as the sidebars don’t seem to get indexed. So, in order to make them a little easier to find, Here they are.

Esab has file downloads for their arc, plasma, and gas equipment.

Esab Owner’s Manuals – Esab Owner’s Manuals

To contact them – Esab Contact Page

Hobart lists their owner’s manuals by model and serial number.

Hobart Welders Owner’s Manuals – Hobart Welders Owner’s Manuals

To contact them – Hobart Welders Contact Page

Lincoln Electric has probably the best welder service resources on the internet. You can find parts manuals and owner’s manuals for just about everything they’ve ever made, including most of the obsolete welders. It’s a huge wealth of information. As long as you’ve got your machine code or product name though you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Lincoln Electric Owner’s Manuals – Lincoln Electric Owner’s Manuals

To contact them – Lincoln Electric Contact Page

Miller Electric has a great source of owner’s manuals available online too. Search by model or serial number.

Miller Electric Owner’s Manuals – Miller Electric Owner’s Manuals

To contact them – Miller Electric Contact Page

Thermadyne, which makes Thermal-Arc brand welders has a huge collection of operating manuals, instruction manuals, and service manuals. They really have a great literature and support section that you need to visit to fully appreciate.

Operating Manuals – Thermal Arc Operating Manuals

Instruction Manuals – Thermal Arc Instruction Manuals

Service Manuals – Thermal Arc Service Manuals

Obsolete Manuals – Themal Arc Obsolete Machines

To contact them – Thermal Arc Contact Page

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3 Responses to Welder Owner’s Manuals

  1. Art Fox says:

    Do you have or know where I can get a operating manual and repair parts list for a Solar Model 2225 wire feed welder?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m going to assume that you’re looking at it as a repair guy in which case i tend to agree with you on that level. I think lincoln is the best for the average owner because of the sheer amount of manuals that they have online, and the fact that they go back so far – 30’s-40’s at least. If you pick up an old Lincoln welder, chances are good that they have an owners manual for it. Of course, i’m slightly biased in that i typically only play around with lincoln and miller welders.

    One could also argue that there aren’t any older esab/miller welders left to work on. 😉 Kidding!

    Esab and Hobart have decent manuals, but i’m not a big fan of their equipment in general. Let me note before i get flamed by their supporters that there is nothing inherently wrong with them, I just prefer lincoln and miller equipment. Although i do like some of the old hobart stuff, especially their military welders.

    I agree completely on the chinese thing though. I avoid those at all costs.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment!

  3. Richard says:

    just an fyi….

    In my experience, Lincoln’s site is not the “best on the internet”.

    In the first place, almost none of their manuals includes schematics of the PC Boards. Conversely, many of the older Miller manuals I’ve downloaded do give a diagram of the board; making troubleshooting MUCH easier.

    In the 2nd place, Lincoln does NOT have manuals on its website for many older products. As just one example, try to find the manual for the K-623-1 Wire Feed Module for the old SA-250 engine-driven welders.

    In general, I’ve found ESAB and Miller to have the best manuals, followed by Hobart…with Lincoln actually in last place, for the US makers.

    Which is vastly better than trying to find ANY manual for the chinese welders….LOL…


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