US Navy Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual

Here’s the Navy’s Underwater Cutting and Welding manual for those of you that have been curious about underwater welding. As a job, is seems that it would be extremely interesting, but you’d need to be an excellent diver before you even considered becoming one. You’ve probably heard the rumors about how much money underwater welders make, and i tend to believe them. High risk usually means high reward.

I once worked with a gentleman that worked as an underwater welder in the shipyards of Louisiana back in the early 1980’s. Even back then, he said that the pay was excellent. Unfortunately i can’t remember an exact number, but from the way he explained it, one didn’t have to work very much to live comfortably.

This manual is broken down into two parts, underwater cutting, and underwater welding. It provides a great overview of the equipment used, techniques, and safety issues. In any event, it’s a very unique manual and should be of interest to some of you.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Mike. I’m not sure what I could give you, did you read the manual? Most everything you need is in that.

    Good Luck!

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